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Posted Monday, November 1, 2010 at 8:15 AM to Announcements.   

Spring 2011:

ENGL444: Writing for the World Wide Web

Professor Steven D. Krause | Online

This is a course about writing and the World Wide Web in at least two different and related ways. First, we will be reading, "browsing," and writing about the World Wide Web in order to understand how the web works rhetorically. Second, we will be writing "on" the web with blogs, wikis, Tweets, "good web sites," and a few other related things. As the title of the course suggests, students will be required to work with and explore the basic HTML and CSS coding that makes the web work. The course is available for graduate student credit. As an online course, students are required to have regular computer and internet access.

Summer 2011:

Fall 2011:

ENGL328: Writing, Style, and Technology

Professor Steven D. Krause | Online

In this course, we will explore the ways in which the concepts of "style" and "technology" interact with each other and affect writing in a variety of different contexts: traditional essays, writing inventions, and short videos. Along the way, you will keep a blog and you will learn a lot about various "Web 2.0" technologies. As an online course, students are required to have regular computer and internet access.

ENGL354: Critical Digital Literacies

Professor Steven D. Krause | MW 3:30-4:45PM

English 354 counts as a Restricted Elective for any of the Written Communication major tracks, it counts for the writing minor, and for many other English specializations. While employers still definitely want good writers in the "old school" sense, today more and more digital writing and communication technologies are hot tickets that can be the difference that sets you above comparable job candidates. Indeed, writing work today is often hard to separate from technology and new digital tools: writers design mixed media projects, work with graphics and video, and whole new job categories are arising like being a company's "social media strategist," just to name a few ways digital literacy is valuable on the job today.