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Posted Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 2:00 PM to Announcements. Comments: 0   

Collaborvention 2011: A Computers and Writing Unconference


Having seen a surge of interest for an online conference that would take Computers and Writing in a new, more collaborative and less hierarchical direction, we announce Collaborvention 2011: A Computers and Writing Unconference. As with successful face-to-face unconferences, we hope to see collaboration and synthesis without formal proposals, acceptances, or a program set in stone before the online conference begins. This activity will take place during two windows.

  1. Connections window: Starting immediately, participants can toss out ideas, put together events and connect with collaborators. We expect most of that activity to happen in cyberspace, using the #cwuncon hashtag, on listservs like techrhet and wpa-l, through collaborvention groups in social networks, through local collaborations, and in any other ways that will help the conference achieve a critical mass of interest and participation.
  2. Unconference window: Between April 22nd and May 13th (prior to the f2f Computers and Writing conference) and between May 22nd and May 30th (after the f2f conference), the unconference window will open. Events during the unconference might take the form of a hosted conversation, a showcase of a project or activity, a presentation, or really anything. We also hope to see links develop between the unconference and the f2f conference on May 19-22.

As you begin planning your event with others, you'll want to review the Instructions for Submitting to Collaborvention 2011. The instructions will provide you with a link to the submission form for adding your event to the Collaborvention 2011 Event Schedule.

If you have questions regarding the conference that are not answered by the support documents on the Computers and Writing website, contact the unconference facilitators at cwuncon@gmail.com.

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