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Posted Monday, May 23, 2011 at 9:00 PM to Announcements.   
Ten Written Communication faculty, graduate students, and alums presented on five panels at the 2011 Computers and Writing Conference in Ann Arbor, Mich., May 19-21. 

C02 - Panel: Motion, Media, Method, Materiality (Derek Mueller, WRCM faculty)
E13 - Roundtable: Is Blogging Dead? Yes, No, Other (Steven Krause, WRCM faculty)
F03 - Panel: Assessing Technology Needs in a Large University Writing Program: A Pilot Study to Identify Options for Implementing E-Portfolios (Sarah Karlis, Carrie Luke, Dave Nassar, WRCM graduate students, and John Dunn, Jr., WRCM faculty)
H13 - Panel: Exploring Ethical and Public Discourses in New Media: Digital Storytelling and Online Forums (Scott Kowalewski, Virginia Tech, WRCM alum)
J12 - Panel: Negotiating Knowledge-Construction and Audiences: Pedagogical Possibilities and Constraints of Wikis, Social Media, and Multi-Media Assignments (Ann Blakeslee, WRCM faculty; Rhonda McCaffery, Iowa State, WRCM alum; and, Steve Benninghoff, WRCM faculty)

The three-day conference features 133 concurrent sessions.