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Written Communication - Undergraduate

ENGL225: Writing in a Changing World
MW, 11-12:15 p.m., CRN 15333 (Arrington)
MW, 12:30-1:45 p.m., CRN 15334 (TBD)
TR, 12:30-1:45 p.m., CRN 11150 (Miller)
Students will analyze and produce writing intended to affect change in particular contexts. Writing in the course will include analysis of and reflections on contexts, genre features and audiences for writing. The course will culminate in a document reflecting understanding of these issues, preferably for an audience beyond the class.

ENGL323: Writing in the Professional World
T, 5-7:40 p.m., CRN 14151 (TBD)
MW, 12:30-1:45 p.m., CRN 13262 (TBD)
Prepares juniors and seniors majoring in education, the humanities and the social sciences to write in their profession.

ENGL324: Principles of Technical Communication
TR, 12:30-1:45 p.m., CRN 11171 (TBD)
MW, 3:30-4:45 p.m., CRN 14031 (TBD)
A course for juniors and seniors who wish to study the style and focus of communication that is particularly appropriate to the fields of science and technology.

ENGL328: Writing, Style, and Technology
MW, 12:30-1:45 p.m., CRN 15634 (Cassidy)
MW, 2-3:15 p.m., CRN 15637 (Cassidy)
Online, CRN 17084 (Mueller)
An advanced writing course that explores a range of styles for multiple purposes, audiences and technologies. Applications of word processing, on-line discussion and Internet resources will be integrated with writing assignments.

ENGL354: Critical Digital Literacies
MW, 12:30-1:45 p.m., CRN 15124 (Krause)
This course engages students in examining the new literacy practices of digital writing forums and technologies in concert with projects where they employ, learn and experience new digital writing technologies.

ENGL424: Technical Writing
R, 6:30-9:10 p.m., CRN 11183 (Benninghoff)
An advanced workshop that prepares students to communicate, particularly to write, on the job.

ENGL427: Technical Editing
TR, 3:30-4:45 p.m., CRN 12663 (Benninghoff)
An advanced workshop that prepares students to communicate, particularly to write, on the job.

ENGL428: Writing Computer Documentation
Online, CRN 17085 (Benninghoff)
An advanced writing course that introduces students to the principles of designing, preparing and testing documents common in the computer industry, particularly software documentation for users.

ENGL444: Writing for the World Wide Web
MW, 3:30-4:45 p.m., CRN 16992 (Mueller)
An advanced writing course focused on composing documents for publication on the World Wide Web and other electronic spaces, such as interactive CD-ROMs.

ENGL479: Special Topics: Peer Tutoring
TR, 11-12:15 p.m., CRN 17444 (Pavlock)
An advanced writing studio focused on writing consultation practices, writing center theory history and theory. Involves first-hand experience in the University Writing Center. Application required. Contact Dr. Ann Blakeslee at ablakesle@emich.edu for more information.

Written Communication - Graduate

ENGL503: Rhetorical Theory and the Teaching of Writing
R, 6:30-9:10 p.m., CRN 11986
A thematic course in which students read, study and analyze representative selections from classical, medieval, renaissance and modern theorists. Emphasis on applying rhetorical theories to writing and language instruction.

ENGL505: Rhetoric of Science and Technology
W, 6:30-9:10 p.m., CRN 15125 (Mueller)
In ENGL505, we will examine rhetorical dimensions of selected scientific and technological discourses. Science and technology researchers (oftentimes in close collaboration with technical communicators) construct, debate, and negotiate their innovations and insights. They must act rhetorically, crafting and circulating accounts across richly mediated and rhetorically complex systems. But how does this happen? What motivates decision-making? What can we learn—as technical and professional writers—from identifiable successes and failures in particular cases? Our study this semester will focus on identification and agency to examine contemporary cases. Readings will include selections from Burke's A Rhetoric of Motives, Latour's Pandora's Hope, and Bogost's Alien Phenomenology. .

ENGL514: Issues in Teaching Writing
W, 6:30-9:10 p.m., CRN 11201 (Baker)
A review of the research and theory in teaching writing, with focus on the dynamics of writing and learning, and their relationship to evaluation and assessment of writing.

ENGL517: Topics in the Teaching of Writing: History of the Process Movement
M, 6:30-9:10 p.m., CRN 15326 (Arrington)
An in-depth look at a specific topic in the teaching of writing. Topics vary from year to year, with offerings ranging from pedagogy topics to theory topics to specific theorists.

ENGL527: Topics in Technical Communication: Media Ecology
T, 6:30-9:10 p.m., CRN 16921 (Tracy)
An in-depth look at a specific topic in technical communication. Topics vary from year to year, with offerings ranging from applied topics to specific theorists.

ENGL530: Issues in English Studies for Teachers
T, 6:30-9:10 p.m., CRN 13043 (Tucker)
An introduction to foundational and current issues in the field of English Education. Students will study the work of leading scholars, past and present controversies and recurring areas of concern which have helped shape the discipline.

ENGL596: Teaching Composition on the College Level
T, 5-7:40 p.m., CRN 11203 (Dunn)
A course in the methods of teaching English composition, with particular attention to beginning courses on the college and junior college level. Required of all graduate assistants and open to other interested M.A. candidates.
ENGL621: Research in Theory and Practice of Writing
M, 6:30-9:10, CRN 11207 (Krause)
A course designed to prepare students in methods of research on writing, pedagogy, professional writing and written discourse. Frequent projects, requiring research and writing.
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