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Posted Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 4:26 PM to Announcements. Comments: 0   
Calling all storytellers, communications nerds, and those who are inspired by the dynamic digital world.

Do you like to dig into technology, media and communications strategies to share your stories, experiences, education or skills?

A2Geeks is an Ann Arbor based community of people who are passionate about fostering an open, participatory, creative culture and we need your help telling Geek stories and sharing Geek accomplishments. We collaborate across a variety of organizations and events like Maker Works, All Hands Active, Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire, Ignite, and others to support and grow this culture.

We’re looking for a passionate, curious, and creative person with the right intersection of social media savvy, storytelling skills, and communications know-how to take the lead in developing flexible and forward-thinking methods and spaces to share our Geek community’s experience with the world.

A2Geeks is founded on the principles of collaboration and openness. We believe that by individually sharing our experiences, skills, perspectives, labor and tools, we can collectively make our world a better place. We need someone who is passionate about this open source perspective and has the skills to effectively take our real-world experiences and communicate them to the world via digital media and spaces.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to determine a flexible, forward-thinking approach to developing, gathering and disseminating information and resources related to the A2Geeks community. You’ll need to be able to understand our community, the language we speak and the ways we connect. You’ll be in charge of figuring out how to translate this into information, documents, and resources that not only effectively showcase what we do and the impact we make on our community, but can be used and adapted by other maker and Geek communities to build similar networks of creativity and sharing. You’ll also need to be a self-motivated starter who can move forward with ideas, concepts and experiments independently.

A Day in the Life:

Spends 10 hours per week developing strategies (storage, organization, approach) for sharing the A2Geeks story to 1) illustrate impact; 2) effectively share the experience of learning/making; 3) developing resources that serve as a replicable model for other maker spaces/Geek communities:

  • Attend many of the events, workshops, and activities A2Geeks is involved in, who is handy with a digital camera.
  • Collaborate with makers to help them effectively document and share their process of creating successful products or experiments.
  • Experiments with platforms and techniques for sharing content and connecting to communities, using Initiatr as a repository for documentation.
  • Works closely with the A2Geeks board to align activities and motivations.
  • Effectively uses open source tools and resources, including Creative Commons licenses.

The Details:

Start: Oct 1, 2012 (ie ASAP!)
Duration: 4 months minimum with a possibility of extending, depending on need and capacity.

Pay: $600 for 4 months

Technology: The documentarian must have access to a computer with internet connection and a digital camera, though some tools may be provided for specific activities or needs.

Supervision: The documentarian will partner with a member of the A2Geeks board, who can provide additional assistance with project work based on need.

Location: Remote and flexible. Space and resources are available at Maker Works, 3765 Plaza Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Access to independent transportation is desired but not necessary.
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