Welcome to Eastern Michigan University's UWC Online. Please review this page before submitting the consultation request form.

The UWC Online extends writing consultation services to students who are enrolled in targeted online courses or who cannot attend face-to-face consulting sessions or workshops at the University Writing Center (Halle Library 115). Consultants will provide prompt professional responses and focused strategies for development and revision. A writing consultant will read your work in light of specific questions you ask and in relationship to the information you provide about the assignment. Please remember that consultants will not edit your paper, but they will respond with concrete, helpful, and timely guidance.

How to Use the Service

  1. Fill out the request form. Attach a document of no more than five double-spaced pages (i.e., 1500 words). Double-check to be sure you have attached the correct document and that you have fully filled out the request form. Documents with incomplete forms will be returned. At this time, this online consulting service is limited to the following programs: College of Business, Construction Management, Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology, Dietetics, Public Safety Administration, RN/BSN, and Technology Management.
  2. A writing consultant will acknowledge your request via email shortly after you submit the form.
  3. A writing consultant will respond with comments according to the following time frames:
    Within 48 hours for requests submitted Sun.-Thur.
    Within 72 hours for requests submitted Fri.-Sat.
  4. When you receive the response, read the comments carefully. If you have brief, specific questions, contact the consultant by replying to the email message. If you have new concerns or a new paper you are working on, submit a new request form.

Policies & Guidelines

  1. We are unable to respond to writers whose deadlines fall within the time allowed for response (i.e., within 48 or 72 hours). Plan ahead and submit drafts well in advance of deadlines.
  2. Fill out the form carefully and completely. An informed consultant will be far more capable of responding to your work. Documents with incomplete forms will be returned.
  3. A writing consultant will spend approximately one hour reading and writing comments in response to your draft. Consultants cannot comment on everything, nor should they. Too much feedback can overwhelm writers and detract from higher-priority concerns.
  4. Please remember that consultants will not edit your paper, but they will respond with concrete guidance.
  5. So that we can provide this service to all students, we will accept one request at a time from a student (i.e., no multiple submissions) and one request per student per week.
  6. Due to staffing limitations, we must reserve the option to reduce or restrict the availability of this service at any time.
  7. Go to the consultation request form.

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